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We require a non-refundable deposit of $150 to reserve the puppy of your choice. This deposit is for a specific puppy, not several puppies, or the entire litter. This deposit is applied to the list price of the puppy.  We will not hold or reserve a puppy without a deposit. This is for the fairness of potential new homes and so we know you're commited to your new family addition. 


We accept these forms of payment for non-refundable deposits:

Venmo, Personal check , or cash

We accept these forms of payment for final amount due at pick up:

Zelle,Venmo & Cash



If you're unable to pick up your puppy we have three options:

HAND DELIVERY SERVICE of your new family member to you at an airport near you. Your puppy will travel with one of us in the cabin and kept with us at all times! Your new puppy will arrive with a collar/harness and leash. They will be in the cabin with us in a TSA approved carrier. This service is dependent on ticket pricing.


GROUND TRANSPORT is dependent on mileage and carrier.  Prices begin at $350. We use two different ground transport companies. One does travel with other dogs along the way and the other is a private ride for just your puppy! Private is always a little more expensive. 


AIR CARGO is another safe way to have your new puppy travel! We understand you may have reservations about shipping but it really is safe for your new puppy.  We do not sedate the puppies in any way. They ship awake, alert, well fed, hydrated, and  comfortable. Most sleep on their way. Puppies are a priority with the airlines and are handled with the best of care. If they are in the cabin with us or shipped via cargo it is safe! Only certain aircraft are equipped to transport live animals. The animals get the same pressurization and air as the passengers. The crate’s used for airline shipping without one of us, are the hard plastic type. Attached to the crate will be a small baggie of food. The puppy will have access to water during the trip.  Remove him/her immediately and have a potty place picked out before entering your pickup place. Take him/her to potty right away. We recommend bringing to the airport: a towel, collar, leash, water, and wet wipes for any potty accidents that may have happend during travel. 
You will find important paperwork attached to the crate. We also email a copy of all paperwork before travel. 

All shipping costs are the responsibility of  the buyer and are due 48 hours before flight or ground transport pick up.

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