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Food and Treats

The puppies will be eating LA when they go home. We have searched for the right food for years and this is it! *The puppies and moms love it!

          *Life's Abundance has NEVER had a recall

          *LA is sourced and made right here in the good old USA in small batches

          *LA is shipped directly to me and doesn't sit in a warehouse loosing it's freshness

          *There is a flat shipping fee no matter how much I order a month (which is a lot)

          *Trust goes a long way with me. Our puppies have a family anxiously waiting for their arrival and I trust LA and their products for all of them.

These are the ESSENTIALS:

   we have been giving and using these products with our puppies

Can-Dog-PV-400 (1) 2.png
All life stage pic.png

I recommend the 20lb bag on a monthly auto ship. Whatever you buy shipping is $8 so you can add anything else to the auto ship and save yourself a monthly pet store trip! Don’t let food sit around for more than a month.

*Please note, it is the All Life Stages food and NOT the puppy food. We feed this because we like the kibble size. It contains everything your puppy will need. You also don’t have to worry about when to switch.

You can start with a can or two. I recommend the case and to use it to stuff into marrow bones and freeze. It makes a great and cheap puppy chew. Put the bone in the dishwasher between freezing. They love these!

These are great treats for training.

They can be broken into smaller sizes

for different ages. Prepare to keep these



If you start with this, get the large and put the regular dog food on a monthly auto ship. We LOVE the things in this pack. It will give you a good start!


These products are a treat for us as pet owners! We use these constantly!

Other favorites:

Buffalo-Lungmd (1).png
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